A-Life SuperJunior

AIA Insurance brings a unique life and healthcare protection plan, A-Life SuperJunior, to protect your children from their childhood through their adulthood. The policy covers critical illness, death, total and permanent disability (TPD), accidental death and accidental TPD.

Benefits of A-Life SuperJunior Insurance

The features and benefits offered by A-Life SuperJunior insurance policy are:

  • On paying premium for 20 years you get a coverage until your child is 75 years old.
  • The policy can be bought via AIA Life Planner.
  • The policy covers 12 juvenile illnesses such as leukaemia, severe asthma, severe epilepsy, etc., and 36 critical illnesses such as stroke, cancer, heart attack, etc.
  • Upon diagnosing with a juvenile critical illness before reaching 21 years, the policy gives your child 25% of the amount insured for further treatments.
  • The policy provides financial support if your child gets hospitalised for 3 consecutive days.
  • Once the child turns 21, the policy reimburses the health check-up expenses every 2 years.
  • When the child turns 21 years old, the amount insured will be increased by 25% automatically; without the necessity of additional premium.
  • On maturity at the age of 75 years, your child will receive a lump sum equivalent to 125% of the insured amount.
  • If your child meets with an accident and passes away or gets a TPD, then the policy provides double the amount you have insured for.

Eligibility Criteria

You can purchase A-Life insurance policy for your child if your child’s age is between 14 days and 15 years.

A-Life SuperJunior Insurance for Foreigners

You can purchase the policy as an expat.

A-Life SuperJunior Insurance Calculator

You can have a general estimate on the financial budget and the cover you can get with the calculator provided on the official website. You need to enter information like gender, age, annual income, smoking habits, yearly expenses, etc., to get the estimate.

A-Life SuperJunior Insurance Claims

You can claim your insurance policy by submitting your claim on the eClaim web page on the official website of AIA. Go to ‘My AIA’ option on the menu and sign into your account. Now, you get an option to select ‘My Claims’ under ‘My AIA’. You can then select ‘Employee Claim’ to enter all the necessary information and submit the claim. Also, you can submit a physical claim form duly filled to the nearest Customer Centre.

How to Cancel A-Life SuperJunior Insurance Policy

If you wish to cancel the insurance policy within a period of 15 days (free look period), you will receive the premium you have paid minus the medical expenses. If you cancel the policy after 15 days but in the initial years, you will receive an amount that is lesser than the premiums you have paid.


Q. Does the policy provide income tax benefits?

A. The premiums you pay for A-Life SuperJunior policy may qualify for income tax relaxation. This solely depends on the discretion of Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.

Q. Are there any exceptions for the coverage of juvenile critical illness?

A. Some of the exceptions for covering the juvenile critical illness are:

  • The child passes away within 30 days after the diagnosis of the juvenile critical illness.
  • The juvenile critical illness diagnosed is due to a congenital defect and was revealed before the child reached 17 years of age.

You can find further details in the policy agreement document.

Q. Does the insurance policy provide recovery benefits for TPD due to a war?

A. No. As an exclusion, the policy does not provide recovery benefits in case of total and permanent disability due to war, riot, revolution or other warlike operations.

Q. Are there any fees and charges payable?

A. No. There are no separate fees and charges applicable. All you have to pay is the premium.

Q. Will the premiums vary after a certain age or after a period of time?

A. The premium amount is decided based on the issue date and will remain the same throughout.

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