Allianz Premier Link Insurance Plan

Allianz PremierLink is an investment-linked life insurance policy that offers high returns in the form of sum assured to suit your daily needs based on your financial condition. The insurance policy covers death and total and permanent disability (TPD).

Benefits of Allianz PremierLink Insurance

  • The minimum sum assured by the policy is RM500,000.
  • In case of death or TPD, the insurance company pays both the coverage sum and the balance in the investment account.
  • You will receive additional 1% of your insurance premium on the sum assured from 11th year of your policy.
  • You can top-up your premium when you wish to increase the investment value, the minimum top-up being RM500.
  • You can choose to switch between funds to raise your profit lines.
  • If there is an emergency, then you can partially withdraw the funds from your investment account.
  • You can also opt to add extra benefits to your insurance policy in the form of riders such as Premier HealthCover, WealthCover, PayorCover, etc.
  • Allianz PremierLink covers you up to an age of 100 years.
  • You can get a TPD coverage of up to RM4 million till 65 years of age.

Allianz PremierLink Insurance for Foreigners

Allianz considers you to be eligible to buy the insurance policy, even if you are a foreign citizen.

Allianz PremierLink Insurance Claims

You can find the Claims Form on the official website of Allianz. All you need to do is to download the form from the website, fill the necessary details and submit the form with all the necessary documents to the nearest Allianz Life branch. The necessary documents vary depending on the type of claim made. The format for these documents are available on Allianz’s official website.

It may take up to seven working days to process a standard claim. Once your claim is approved, you can choose to get the claim funds through e-payment or a cheque within five working days. Usually, e-payment is followed for living claims and cheque is given in case of death claims.

Contact Number

You can find out more details on Allianz PremierLink by getting in touch with Allianz Customer Service Associates on the number 1-300-88-1028.

You can also write to [email protected] to connect with Allianz Customer Service Associates. The official website of Allianz also provides a ‘Chat with us’ option.

How to Cancel the Allianz PremierLink Insurance Policy?

If you wish to cancel the insurance policy, you can submit the duly-filled Policy Surrender Form along with the necessary documents to the nearest Allianz Life branch. The official website of Allianz will provide information on the required documents to be submitted along with the Surrender Form. On submission, your application will be processed within 4 working days if it is a standard case. On approval of surrender of the policy, you will receive the payment on your bank account in a time span of 5 working days.


Q. What are the fees and charges applicable to Allianz PremierLink?

A. You may have to pay a monthly service charge of RM7.42, a fund management charge that can fall between 0.75%-1.50% p.a., a top-up charge of RM26.50 for each request and fund switching charge of RM10.60 for each subsequent switch after crossing the limit of five free switches per policy in a year. Please note that the charges mentioned above are inclusive of Goods and Service Tax (GST).

Q. Will the fees and charges be deducted from the investment account?

A. Yes. All the fees and charges, except the fund management charge, will be taken from your investment account.

Q. How much share of the investment premium will be allocated to investment-linked funds?

A. Allianz PremierLink allocates 95% of the investment premium paid into investment-linked funds of your policy.

Q. If there is an error in the bank details shared on the Claims Form, will I not be able to get the funds?

A. In case of incorrect bank details, it may lead to delay in the payment of funds. However, the insurance company’s agent will contact you to find out the precise details of your bank account and then initiate the funds crediting process.

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