• AmMetLife Link Insurance Plan

    You can manage investments and life protection in one-go with AmMetLife Link insurance policy. The policy acts as a way to set aside some wealth while you are protected. You can either opt for annual premium payment or pay the premium in small intervals.

    Benefits of AmMetLife Link Insurance

    • The annual premium for the policy starts from RM1,200.
    • Premiums can be paid in monthly, quarterly or half-yearly intervals.
    • You can choose to top-up your premium to increase the basic sum assured that you receive on maturity.
    • The top-up amount starts from RM50.
    • You can switch between funds to maximise your investment returns.
    • AmMetLife allows to make partial withdrawal from the policy.
    • You can choose and invest in any of the 11 funds specified by AmMetLife. Some of them are:
      • AmMetLife Balanced Fund
      • AmMetLife Dana Teguh
      • AmMetLife Asia Pacific REITs Funds
      • AmMetLife Global Emerging Market Fund
      • AmMetLife Global Agribusiness Fund

    Eligibility Criteria

    The eligibility criteria to buy the policy and for the life insured varies and are:

    • Policy Owner: The minimum age to own a policy is 18 years and the maximum age to own this policy is 60 years.
    • Life Assured: The minimum age is set to be 30 days and the maximum age is set to be 60 years.

    AmMetLife Link Insurance for Foreigners

    AmMetLife has not been serving foreigners with the insurance policy yet. Only Malaysians are provided with the insurance policy.

    AmMetLife Link Insurance Claims

    When you have to make claims submission, you have to contact AmMetLife and notify them about it. You can notify by making a telephone call, sending a fax, writing an email or visiting the nearest AmMetLife branch office. You will then receive a Claims form, which has to be filled and submitted to the insurance company with all the necessary documents. You can directly had it over to AmMetLife agent or the branch office; or you can send the documents via email. The policy owner has to fill the forms in all cases except for the death claim.

    Contact Information

    • You can call the number 1300 88 8800 to find solutions for your queries.
    • You can use the fax number +603 2171 3000 to reach the representatives.
    • You can drop an email to [email protected].
    • You can type your query on your mobile phone and send an SMS to 33911 in the format SMS .

    How to Cancel the AmMetLife Link Insurance Policy?

    If you have decided to cancel the insurance policy, then you can get in-touch with the agent, customer service representative or visit any of the branch offices to get the cancellation form. You have to precisely fill the form and get the consent from all the required parties. You can then submit the form to the agent or the branch office. You can also send the scanned documents via email.

    You need to submit policy agreement, a cancellation request in writing, and the Direct Crediting form along with the cancellation form.

    You can also apply for cancellation on the official website of AmMetLife.


    Q. How long will it take to process cancellation and refund the premium paid?

    A. If the documentation provided is complete, it would require about 10 working days from the date of Cancellation form submission for you to receive the refund of the premium paid.

    Q. What is Direct Crediting form?

    A. Direct Crediting form provides the details of your bank account so that the cash entitlements that the insurance company owes you will be credited to your designated bank account.

    Q. What fees and charges are applicable for fund switching?

    A. Though the first two switches are free of charge in a policy year, the subsequent fund switches cost you RM53/switch. The cost is inclusive of goods and services tax (GST).

    Q. What is the minimum annual premium that can be paid?

    A. The annual premium starts from RM1,200.

    Q. How does AmMetLife Asia Pacific REITs Funds work?

    A. REITs stands for Real Estate Investment Trusts. You get a moderate capital appreciation when you invest in Target funds such as AmMetLife Asia Pacific REITS Funds. Target Funds has the benefits of providing a regular income along with capital appreciation when you invest in REITs.

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