Etiqa Enrich Life Insurance Plan

Etiqa Enrich Life Plan is a regular premium life insurance plan that is designed to meet your needs and your family’s. It is a non-participating basic insurance policy where you can add riders to enhance the basic plan coverage.

Features and Benefits:

  • The death benefit under this insurance plan ensures that a lump sum is paid in event of death.
  • In event of total and permanent disability (TPD), you will receive your basic policy sum insured as one total payment.
  • The payable sum insured for total and permanent disability is up to RM1 million.
  • You can attach a wide range of optional riders that will increase your coverage amount and categories.
  • You can get access to a number of medical benefits by attaching additional rider to your basic insurance policy.
  • You get to choose any of the 13 additional riders that can be attached to this insurance plan.
  • This regular insurance plan is affordable, and would suit any family financial history and budget.
  • Benefits of this insurance policy would cover you until the policy anniversary before your 100th birthday.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Life Insured:
  • The minimum age criteria to be eligible for this policy is 14 days old.
  • The maximum age criteria to be eligible for this policy is less than 55 years old.

Etiqa Enrich Life Plan Claims Process

If you wish to make a claim on your insurance policy, you need visit your nearby Etiqa branch or customer centre. You will be provided a claim form which needs to be filled with complete information and submitted.

A list of mandatory documents required to make any claim is available on Etiqa website. Please carry the required documents when you visit a branch to make a claim.

Contact Details

How to Cancel Etiqa Enrich Life Plan?

You can cancel your Etiqa Enrich Life Plan by sending written instructions to Etiqa. A representative will help you with the cancellation process.


Q. Would the premium rates change during the insurance policy tenure?

A. The basic premium would remain fixed throughout the entire policy tenure. The premium, fees, and charges for additional riders would be amended due to many factors such as medical cost inflation, environmental factors or change in tax regulations.

Any amendment in cost of additional riders would be informed to you in advance and would be applicable from the next policy anniversary date.

Q. Can I switch my health plan mid-way?

A. Changing health plan mid-way would not be beneficial or advantageous. A switch would mean new underwriting requirements, new exclusions, waiting period, and more. It is better if you check first whether this policy would need your needs, and whether you would be able to afford this policy before purchasing it.

Q. Is there any penalty for cancelling my insurance policy?

A. You will get a grace period of 15 days from the policy start date. If you wish to cancel within those 15 days, you would receive your paid premium excluding any incurred medical costs.

Q. Is there a grace period for premium payments?

A. Yes. You have a grace period of 31 days from the premium due date. If you do not pay within this grace period, your insurance policy may be terminated. Regular premium payment would ensure that you receive full benefits under this insurance policy.

Q. Would I get any personal tax benefit if I purchase this insurance plan?

A. You may be eligible for a personal tax benefit. It would be based on the premium you pay and the decision of Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.

Q. What are the different additional riders available for sum insured under this insurance policy?

A. There are 13 different additional riders that could be attached to your insurance policy for sum insured. They are:

  • Ultra Medic Rider
  • Premier Critical Illness Rider
  • TPD for Level Term Rider
  • Level Term Rider
  • Waiver of Premium due to Critical Illness Rider
  • Accident Rider (Duplication from Elitelink Rider)
  • Hospital Income Rider (Duplication from Elitelink Rider)
  • Accidental Indemnity Rider (Duplication from Elitelink Rider)
  • Accidental Medic Rider (Duplication from Elitelink Rider)
  • Accidental Extra TPD Rider (Duplication from Elitelink Rider)
  • Female Illness Rider
  • Junior Critical Illness Rider
  • Maternity Rider

Q. Are there any additional riders for policy owners under this policy?

A. Yes, There are two additional riders for policy owners. They are:

  • Elite Payor Waiver of Premium Upon Death, TPD and Critical Illness (Spouse)
  • Elite Payor Waiver of Premium Upon Death, TPD and Critical Illness (Juvenile)

You can opt for the additional riders to boost your basic plan. If you experience loss of life or TPD before the 4th birthday, you will reason an amount of up to RM200,000 of the sum insured. Contact your nearest Etiqa branch to apply for this insurance product.

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