Etiqa Ezy-Life Secure Insurance Plan

Etiqa Ezy-Life Secure is a term insurance policy that provides coverage in an event of death or disability. It covers total and permanent disability (TPD) caused by sickness or accident. All you have to do is pay premium for a fixed duration and on time. It is a flexible and affordable insurance plan with many benefits.

Features and Benefits

  • You or your nominee would receive a benefit amount in occurrence of death or total and permanent disability.
  • Your regular premium would remain fixed and unchanged for the entire policy tenure.
  • You can choose a flexible plan tenure as per your needs and preference.
  • The minimum plan tenure for this insurance policy is 5 years.
  • The maximum plan tenure for is the policy anniversary prior to your 80th birthday.
  • You can opt to pay your premium on a monthly or annual basis based on your affordability.
  • The minimum sum insured for this policy is RM50,000.
  • You can take up more than one insurance policy if required.
  • You can add optional riders to enjoy higher coverage and higher sum insured.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You need to be between 17 and 60 years of age (next birthday) to be eligible for this plan.
  • You need to fulfil the minimum level of health criteria imposed by Etiqa to be eligible.
  • You need to be a Malaysian to be eligible for this insurance plan.

Etiqa Ezy-Life Secure Plan for Foreigners

This insurance policy is restricted to Malaysians only.

Etiqa Ezy-Life Secure Plan Insurance Calculator

You can find online calculator on Etiqa website that will provide an estimated protection coverage based on your information and specific parameters. You need to fill in your details such as monthly income, monthly expenses, monthly savings, existing insurance and such. This calculator will help you to analyse and evaluate the amount of coverage you require.

Etiqa Ezy-Life Secure Plan Claims Process

If you need to make a claim, you need to notify Etiqa through telephone or email.

Contact Details

  • Etiqa Oneline Number: 1 300 13 8888.
  • Email: [email protected].
  • You can find a live chat option on Etiqa website where you will find assistance with your enquiries.

How to Cancel Etiqa Ezy-Life Secure Plan?

If you wish to cancel your insurance policy, you need to provide a written notice to Etiqa. A customer service representative can assist you with this process.


Q. What is the total coverage on this insurance plan?

A. The minimum cover is RM50,000. Any amount more than minimum amount should be higher by every RM10,000. The maximum limit would be decided and allowed by Etiqa based on your eligibility.

Q. Can I make any changes to the sum insured?

A. No. Once the insurance policy has commenced, you cannot increase or decrease the sum insured. However, you can add optional riders to your insurance policy which will increase the level of coverage and total sum insured. Additional riders would be subject to terms and conditions imposed by Etiqa.

Q. Do I need to undergo a medical examination to take up this insurance policy?

A. No. You are not required to undergo any medical examination. Etiqa has a list predetermined requirements, where your application would be accepted or rejected based on whether you meet those requirements or not.

Q. How can I pay for my insurance policy?

A. You can pay your insurance premium through your credit card.

Q. How do I take up this insurance policy?

A. You can apply for this insurance policy on Etiqa website. This is an online insurance product. It is not sold through any agent.

Q. Is there any commission that I need to pay for this product?

A. No. This is a commission free product.

Q. How will I receive confirmation of my application?

A. As you apply for this insurance policy, you will get an immediate confirmation through the website.

Q. When will my insurance cover start?

A. Your insurance cover will start the day your online application is accepted with confirmed payment. You would receive a policy document and payment receipt through email.

Q. Will I receive any payment if I do not make any claims during my policy tenure?

A. No. This is a term insurance policy without any maturity benefits.

Q. Will I get tax relief on the premium I pay for this insurance policy?

A. You may be eligible for a tax relief for the premium paid for this insurance policy. It would be subject to the Inland Revenue Board’s approval and current Malaysian tax regulations.

Q. What do I need to do if I lose my policy documents?

A. You need to notify Etiqa via telephone or email if you lose or misplace your policy documents.

Q. Do I need to disclose full information when I apply for this insurance policy?

A. Yes. If you do not disclose full material facts or provide wrong information, your insurance policy will be considered void and any claim won’t be paid. It is vital for you to disclose full and true information such as your age and any medical conditions.

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