Etiqa i-DoubleSecure Insurance Plan

Etiqa i-DoubleSecure is a protection plan that helps to safeguard your family’s future from the uncertainties of life. This protection plan provides your loved ones with a lump sum amount in the event of your unfortunate death or Total Permanent Disability (TPD). Moreover, your family members will get double the benefits if the death or TBD occurs due to an accident.

Features and Benefits

The following are the benefits of the Etiqa i-DoubleSecure protection plan:

  • This plan offers you very flexible coverage with three different type of sum covered. You can choose whichever works best for you - RM50,000, RM100,000 or RM200,000.
  • In the event of death, your family will get a death benefit of 100% of the basic sum covered as well as the portion of the accumulated surplus distributions (if any) from the participants' risk fund.
  • In the case of an accidental death, you will receive an additional 100% of the basic sum covered.
  • If you pass away in the first certificate year, your total contributions will be refunded.
  • If you suffer an accidental death, then your family will receive an additional 100% of the basic sum covered.
  • If you suffer from the hardship of total permanent disability, then you and your family members will receive 100% of basic sum covered along with the surplus distribution accumulated from the participants' risk fund. If the cause of your TBD is an accident, you will receive an additional 100% of the basic sum covered.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for this protection plan, your age must be between 17 and 55 years of age.

Etiqa i-DoubleSecure for Foreigners

This plan is only offered to Malaysian citizens.

Etiqa i-DoubleSecure Calculator

You can calculate the money you need to invest in this policy with the help of the calculator available on the website. You need to fill up the mandatory fields like your monthly income, monthly expenses, your monthly savings, and any existing insurance that you have in order to assess your financial ability.

Etiqa i-DoubleSecure Insurance Claims

If you wish to submit a claim, you first need to fill up the claim form and submit it along with the mandatory documents.

You can get the claim form at any Etiqa branch or customer service centre. You can also contact your agent or call Etiqa customer service line for any help with the process.

The Etiqua website will give you a list of all the documents needed to make a claim. Refer to the list and do the needful.

Contact Information

Contacting Etiqa with your doubts or clarifications is easy with the following options:

  • Etiqa Oneline Number : 1-300-13-8888
  • General Customer Enquiry and Customer Complaint Management Numbers: 1300-13-8888
  • General Claim Assist Number: 1-300-88-1007
  • Overseas Contact Number: +603 2780 4500
  • Fax: +603 2296 1799
  • Email:

How to Cancel the Etiqa i-DoubleSecure Policy

If you wish to cancel your insurance policy, you need to notify Etiqa by submitting a written notice. You can contact your service agent or customer service for further information and assistance.


Q: Is there any limitation on the accidental death benefit?

A: Yes, your family will not get any additional death benefits if the death occurs due to an accident after the certificate anniversary following 69 years of age.

Q: What are the fees and charges that I need to pay? A: You need to pay a Wakalah fee, which is a deduction of RM60 p.a. for every from contributions, and 25% of the total contribution that is received in the first certificate year.

Q: How much does this plan cover and for how long?

A: Depending on your needs, you can choose from three levels of sum covered - RM50,000, RM100,000 or RM200,000 with the options of 10, 15 or 20 years of coverage.

Q: How frequently do I need to pay the contribution for the certificate?

A: You can opt for monthly or annual payment.

Q: What happens if I stop paying the contribution? A: There is a grace period of 31 days from the contribution due date. If you fail to make the contribution within the grace period, then your certificate will lapse and you will not be entitled for the benefits. This life insurance plan is ideal for Malaysians who are seeking a simple protection policy to safeguard their family’s interests in case of death or TPD. The flexible coverage is an added benefit. Contact Etiqa to get this product and secure your family’s future for good.

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