• Gibraltar BSN Payor Enhanced Plan

    Gibraltar BSN Payor Enhanced is a third-party policy rider by Gibraltar BSN that helps you safeguard the lives of your family members if something unfortunate happens to you. You can attach this rider to the basic policy to get additional protection.

    Benefits of Gibraltar BSN Payor Enhanced

    The following are the features and benefits of this rider plan:

    • Upon your (the payor) untimely death or total and permanent disability (TPD), or in case you are diagnosed with any critical illness, the future premiums of the basic policy with which the Gibraltar BSN Payor Enhanced is attached, will be waived.
    • If you attach this rider to the basic policy while opting for a family income benefit, then you will get a monthly income upon death, TPD or diagnosis of any critical illness. You will get this benefit till the expiration of the coverage term.

    Eligibility Criteria

    You need to be between 16 years to 60 years of age if you want to buy this life insurance policy.

    Gibraltar BSN Payor Enhanced Calculator

    You can calculate the money you need to invest on this policy with the help of the calculator available on the website. Just fill up the required fields like your age, annual income, loan amount balance, etc., to know the exact amount. The insurance sum calculation of the policy depends upon your age at the date of policy purchase.

    Gibraltar BSN Payor Enhanced Rider Claims

    If you want to make a claim, you need to first fill up the claim form which is available on the Gibraltar BSN official website. After filling up the form, you can submit the same along with the necessary documents to the nearest Gibraltar BSN branch.

    Contact Number

    If you have any queries or clarifications, you can contact Gibraltar BSN in the following ways:

    • Local contact number: 1-300-22-6262.
    • Overseas contact number: +603-2687-2020.
    • You can send an email to [email protected]
    • You can also follow the social media page of Gibraltar BSN for the latest updates.


    Q: What are the various ways to buy this policy?

    A: You can buy this insurance policy either by walking directly to the nearest branch or by contacting your Gibraltar BSN agent.

    Q: What are the different types of claims that Gibraltar BSN offers to its customers?

    A: There are many types of claims like Death claim, TBD claim, Hospital and Surgical Benefit, Accident Indemnity, and Critical illness claim.

    Q: What are the documents required for TBD claim?

    A: The following documents are required to be produced for a TBD claim:

    • Original copies of Life Assured’s policy document.
    • Certified true copies of blood test, and radiology reports.
    • Bank statements.
    • Photocopies of medical bills.
    • Age proof.
    • An additional document for accidental TBD.
    • Certified copy of Police report.
    • Newspaper cutting.

    Q: What are the different payment methods available?

    A: The different payment channels that Gibraltar BSN offers to the customers are:

    • Online
    • Over-the-counter
    • Auto debit
    • Salary deduction
    • Instalment
    • Advance premium payment
    • Payment via Account Payee cheques

    Q: How can my Gibraltar BSN agent help me?

    A: Your agent has varied role to play. Some of them are mentioned here:

    • Your agent can help you to choose the best insurance policy that suits your need.
    • He/she can explain all the product features to you so that you make an informed choice.
    • Once you decide to buy the policy, your agent can help you with the application process and explain the terms and conditions to you.
    • During the term of your policy, he/she can help you in policy renewal, making a claim, etc.
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