Gibraltar Pos Bestari Insurance Plan

Pos Bestari is a life insurance plan that is distributed by Pos Malaysia. The insurance plan provides guaranteed cash payments once in every three years. Your premium payments can be as low as RM50 per month with this plan.

Types of Pos Bestari Life Insurance

Pos Bestari life insurance has the following four variants:

  • Plan 50
  • Plan 100
  • Plan 150
  • Plan 200

Features and Benefits

  • The policy requires no medical check-ups for policy approval.
  • 5% of the basic sum assured is handed over to you once in every three years till policy maturity as guaranteed cash payment.
  • You will receive a guaranteed maturity benefit when you turn 88 years old.
  • You premium can be as loa as at RM1.67 per day.
  • The policy will protect you until 88 years of age.
  • The benefits are paid on death or total and permanent disability (TPD).
  • In case of TPD between the age 6 years and 65 years, total0 benefit you can expect is RM2 million.
  • You can expect RM3 million as the total benefit payable for TPD and Accidental TPD under the policy.

Eligibility Criteria

You can apply for the life insurance policy if your age is between 30 days and 50 years.

Pos Bestari Life Insurance for Foreigners

Foreigners or expats can purchase the insurance policy.

Pos Bestari Life Insurance Calculator

You can get an estimate of the sum assured, the guaranteed cash paid by the company every 3 years and the annual premium using the calculator provided on the website. You have to fill the details like the plan you want to go ahead with and your age to get this estimate.

Pos Bestari Life Insurance Claims

You can make a claim on your insurance policy if you have not made a claim recently and if your policy is still in effect. Also, your policy document must state that the type of claim you are going to make is covered by the policy. You must let the insurance company know that you are going to make a claim. The company will then verify the policy document to make sure that the request is valid. You will be provided with claim forms to be filled. Once you fill and submit the forms with other required documents, the company will process and approve it based on various criteria.

Contact Information

You can reach the customer service executives through the local helpline number 1-300-22-6262. You can also reach them from abroad on the number +603 2687 2020.

How to Cancel Pos Bestari Life Insurance Policy?

You have to let the insurance company know about the cancellation request of your insurance policy. However, if you cancel the policy before maturity, you will receive a refund of an amount that is less than the entire premium amount you have paid till date.


Q. Till what age should I pay the premium?

A. You are required to pay the insurance premium until the age of 60 years.

Q. What benefits are provided on death or TPD?

A. The table below shows the benefits offered by the policy on death or TPD, policy year-wise:

Policy Year Benefit
1 and 2 Refund of premium paid
3 45% of the basic sum
4 60% of the basic sum
5 75% of the basic sum
6 and beyond 100% of the basic sum

Q. What is the premium amount that I have to pay?

A. You have to pay RM50 monthly as the premium.

Q. Should I pay any fees and charges along with the premium?

A. A Stamp duty of RM10 would be paid by the insurance company on behalf of you.

Q. Is there any limitation on age to get additional Accidental TPD benefit?

A. Yes. Accidental TPD benefit is provided only if your age is between 6 years and 55 years.

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