Gibraltar Smart Link Insurance Plan

Smart Link is an insurance-linked life insurance policy offered by Gibraltar BSN. You can customise your premiums, investments, and level of coverage with this plan The annual premium starts at RM1,200 per year.

Benefits of Smart Link Life Insurance

The features and benefits of Smart Link are given below:

  • The policy offers death and total and permanent disability (TPD) benefits.
  • You can choose the fund you want to invest in.
  • You can add extra covers as per your needs such as critical illness cover, personal accident cover, medical expenses cover, etc.
  • The minimum sum assured is RM1,200.
  • There is no limit on the maximum sum assured; however, it is subjected to underwriting.
  • The policy provides coverage up to an age of 100.
  • On death, the basic sum assured and the investment account balance will be paid to your loved ones.
  • On TPD before the age of 70 years, the basic sum assured will be paid subject to a cap of RM2 million per life.
  • Upon maturity, the investment account balance will be paid at once.

Eligibility Criteria

You can purchase this policy if you are between 2 weeks old to 65 years of age.

Smart Link Life Insurance for Foreigners

Foreigners residing in Malaysia and having a permanent address proof can apply for the Smart Link policy.

Smart Link Life Insurance Calculators

You can get an estimate on the cover you are eligible for by using the calculator and entering details, such as your age, your annual income, the expected increase in your annual income, and your outstanding loan amount.

On clicking the ‘Calculate your Cover’ button, you can view your ideal life cover and the annual income you can expect over the next 10 years.

Smart Link Life Insurance Claims

Follow this simple procedure to make a claim:

  • Check your policy document to know if the claim you are looking for is covered or not.
  • If it is covered, you must then check if you have made a claim on the same policy before. If you have made one, you need to confirm if the policy is still in force or not.
  • If your policy is in force, you must notify on your idea of claim to the nearest branch office immediately.
  • Get your policy documents and claim details verified by the representatives at the branch office to receive the Claims form to be completed.
  • You need to provide the supporting documents as directed by the representatives along with the filled Claims form during submission.
  • Your claim will be processed upon receiving complete documentation and on approval you will receive the claim benefits as per your policy.

Contact Number

You can get more information on the insurance policies by dialling the number 1-300-22-6262. For overseas queries, the company has a specialised team of representatives and you can reach them on the number +603 2687 2020.

You can also send-in your queries via email to [email protected]

How to Cancel Smart Link Life Insurance

The process of cancellation on your insurance policy requires you to notify the insurance company about your decision. In case you notify this within a period of 15 days from the delivery of the policy, then you will be eligible to receive the premium you have paid along with the other charges except for the medical expenses.


Q. What is a free-look period?

A. Free-look period is the time span of 15 days from the date of delivery of the policy. If you cancel the insurance policy within this period, then you will receive a refund on the premiums paid, the unit value of the investment and other fees and charges that were taken, except the medical expenses.

Q. What are the claims covered under this policy?

A. The policy covers the following claims:

  • Death claim
  • TPD claim
  • Critical illness claim
  • Accident indemnity
  • Hospital and surgical benefit
  • Medical claim

Q. What are the fees and charges to be paid along with the premium?

A. The following fees and charges are applicable on your premium:

  • Insurance coverage charge, depending on the coverage you have chosen
  • A service charge of RM6.36 per month
  • Fund switch fee of RM53 per switch per policy year, in the case of exceeding the first two free switches.
  • Fund management charge, based on the chosen fund(s)

Q. Does the insurance coverage charges increase with time?

A. Yes. The insurance coverage charges will increase with time.

Q. What does a maturity benefit mean?

A. Maturity benefit is the guaranteed amount you will receive at the end of the coverage period as designated on your insurance policy. It may also include the units present in your investment account if your policy has an investment linked to it.

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