• Great Early VantageCare 2 Life Insurance

    Great Early VantageCare 2 covers you against various critical illnesses. The policy covers you right from the initial phase of your illness so that you get the right treatment at the right time. It also helps relieve the financial stress from the shoulders of your family members in case something happens to you.

    Features and Benefits

    The features and benefits offered by Great Early VantageCare 2 are:

    • The policy provides you with the freedom to make multiple claims on various critical illnesses.
    • It covers death and total and permanent disability.
    • In case of death or diagnosis with a critical illness, you and your loved ones will receive an additional sum assured.
    • On death or TPD, the policy provides the basic sum assured, additional sum assured, cash bonus, and terminal bonus.
    • On maturity, you will receive the basic sum assured, cash bonus, and terminal bonus deducting the critical illness benefit already paid if any.
    • Upon critical illness claim, your policy may be terminated. However, you can choose to buy back the death coverage section of the policy up to the maximum of basic amount assured after your policy is terminated due to critical illness claim.

    Eligibility Criteria

    You must be in the age category of 30 days to 60 years to be eligible to purchase the policy.

    Great Early VantageCare 2 Life Insurance for Foreigners

    You are considered eligible to purchase the policy with no restrictions for being a foreigner.

    Life Insurance Calculator

    You can calculate the critical illness cover you are eligible for based on your annual income. Also, you can contact a Great Eastern Life Planning advisor to seek help in building the right insurance plan for you based on your needs.

    Great Early VantageCare 2 Life Insurance Claims

    When you have to submit a claim, you have to make sure to gather all the required documents such as claim forms, medical certificates, proof of claimant’s identity, direct credit form, original policy document, etc. The list of required documents for each claim type is provided on the official website of Great Eastern Life Insurance. Once you have gathered the documents required and filled the claim forms, you have to submit the same at the Customer Service Centre at the head office or any nearest branch office.

    Contact Information

    You can contact 1300 1300 88 to get further information about the insurance policy. General line and overseas contact number is +603 4259 8888. You can also drop-in your queries via email at [email protected].

    How to Cancel Great Early VantageCare 2 Life Insurance Policy?

    You can choose to cancel the policy within the free-look period i.e., a period of 15 days from the time when the policy was issued. You will then get a refund on the premium paid excluding the medical expenses if any.

    Instead, you can also choose to switch the policy to another policy offered by the same insurer or other insurers. This will require an application to be submitted and the acceptance is subject to terms and conditions.


    Q. Do I get tax relief?

    A. You may get a tax relief on the premium paid. However, tax relief is not applicable to the benefits received.

    Q. Am I eligible to get the policy benefits if I have a pre-existing illness?

    A. No. You will not be eligible to get the policy benefits if you have a pre-existing illness.

    Q. What is the highest sum assured as offered by the policy?

    A. RM350,000 is the maximum sum assured by the policy per life.

    Q. Does the policy guarantee the payment of cash bonus and terminal bonus?

    A. No. Cash bonus and terminal bonus are not guaranteed by the policy.

    Q. How can I track the status of my claim?

    A. The executives of the insurance company will inform you of the status of the claim.

    Q. What are the different premium payment modes or gateways?

    A. You can pay your premiums by credit card, internet banking, banker’s order, cheque or cash. You also have the leeway to pay your premiums monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually using these payment gateways.

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