Great MaxiProtector Life Insurance

Great MaxiProtector is a whole life insurance policy that provides financial security to your loved ones. The policy matures at the age of 99 years. You can customise the insurance cover you require depending on your budget and needs.

Features and Benefits

The features and benefits offered by Great MaxiProtector are:

  • You are protected for a lifetime with the policy.
  • Upon death, your family and loved ones will receive the basic sum assured in a single pay-out.
  • You will received the basic sum assured upon total and permanent disability (TPD) before the age of 65 years.
  • You can add riders to your policy to supplement the benefits of the policy.
  • Upon maturity, you can receive 100% of the basic sum assured.

Eligibility Criteria

You will be considered eligible to purchase the policy if your minimum entry age is 17 years and your maximum entry age is 70 years.

Great MaxiProtector Life Insurance for Foreigners

You can purchase the policy if you are a foreigner or an expat.

Life Insurance Scheme Calculator

You can get an estimate on the cover required to financially support your family members in case of death or TPD. To get an estimate, visit the “Financial Tools To Know What You Need” page available on the official website of the insurer. All you need to do is provide details on your dependants and other financial commitments you have made. Click on the “Calculate” button to find the estimated coverage amount.

Great MaxiProtector Life Insurance Claims

To submit a claim, you have to gather the claim forms along with other required documents. The list of required documents is available on the website of the insurer specific to the type of claim you make. You can submit the filled claim forms as well as the supporting documents to the Customer Service Centre located at the head office or the nearest branch office.

Contact Information

You can send your queries at [email protected]. You can also dial the number 1300 1300 88 to reach the customer care service offered by the insurer. If you are calling from abroad, you can use the number +603 4259 8888.

How to Cancel Great MaxiProtector Life Insurance Policy?

You can cancel the policy by notifying the insurer of your decision. If you wish to cancel the policy within 15 days from the date of policy delivery (free-look period), you will get a refund on the premium you have paid excluding the medical expenses if any. However, you may not receive any cash value, if you wish to terminate the policy within three years after the free-look period. You may even get a refund that is less than the premium paid.


Q. What is the minimum sum assured by the policy?

A. The minimum sum assured by the policy is RM25,000.

Q. Does the policy cover suicidal death?

A. No. The policy does not cover death by suicide.

Q. What will happen if I stop paying the premium?

A. If you stop paying the premium before the completion of the premium payment period, a premium loan will be initiated against the policy. In case of cessation of payment, it will result in early termination of the policy.

Q. Till what age should I pay the policy premium?

A. You must pay the premium until the age of 87 years.

Q. Does the premium increase with time?

A. No. The policy provides level premium where the premium is fixed throughout the premium payment term.

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