MCIS Super Series Insurance Plan

SuperSeries is a comprehensive life insurance policy that offers high savings at a reasonable premium rate. The policy offers 3 times the coverage on accidental death.

Types of MCIS SuperSeries Insurance Policies

The different types of SuperSeries are:

  • Super: This plan provides protection for you and your loved ones throughout your life.
  • SuperSaver: You will get good savings at a low premium rate with the SuperSaver plan.
  • SuperGold: SuperGold provides survival benefits to you and your family.
  • SuperTreasure: This plan gives you an opportunity to increase your savings.

Features & Benefits of MCIS SuperSeries Insurance

  • The policy provides protection against death, total and permanent disability (TPD) and critical illnesses.
  • Your loved ones get up to 3 times the coverage on accidental death.
  • The initial sum assured increases by 10% every 5 years.
  • You will receive 100% of the in-force sum assured on maturity.
  • Some plans offer optional Survival Benefit and Cash Value as benefits.
  • The policy covers 36 critical illnesses and provides 100% of in-force sum assured.

MCIS SuperSeries Insurance Claims

You can submit your claim to the nearest MCIS branch or to your agent. You can download the claim forms from the official website of MCIS. Once you fill the forms, you can arrange for the medical reports with the help of a doctor to be submitted with the forms. Also, you may have to attach the other required documents as specified by the MCIS representatives.

Contact Information

If you want more information about the policy, you can contact the customer service helpline offered by MCIS on the number 03-7652 3388.

How to Cancel MCIS SuperSeries Insurance Policies?

You must provide a written request letter to cancel the policy. Once you submit the cancellation request, the insurer will verify your policy document and process your request.


Q. What does Survival Benefit mean?

A. SuperGold and SuperTreasure plans provide 5% of the initial basic sum assured as annual payout from the 10th policy year. This benefit is available until the end of the policy term while the policy is in force and is referred to as Survival Benefit.

Q. Till what age can I get TPD benefit?

A. You can get TPD benefit up to an age of 70 years.

Q. Are public transport accidents covered by the policy?

A. Yes. Public transport accidents other than those caused while travelling in a taxi, private vehicle, aircraft or sea vessel are covered by the policy. Also, the policy covers accidents caused by an electric lift and burning of any hotel with a 4-star rating or above.

Q. How early can I receive the in-force sum assured on diagnosis with TPD?

A. You can receive the in-force sum assured after 6 months from the time of diagnosis with TPD.

Q. What is the amount payable if I am diagnosed with Angioplasty?

A. You will be eligible to receive 10% of the in-force sum assured up to an amount of RM25,000 if you are diagnosed with Angioplasty. This is payable once the policy is in force.

Choose the plan that fits your lifestyle preference. Make sure you have read the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up for the plan!

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