• Sun Essential Life Insurance Plan

    Sun eSsential Life is an insurance term plan that provides coverage up to 80 years of age. This yearly renewable protection plan provides lump sum benefit in the event of an unfortunate death or total and permanent disability (TPD). This scheme also provides an additional 100% of the basic sum assured in the event of death or TPD due to infectious diseases like Avian Influenza or Zika Virus Infection, Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, and Japanese Encephalitis.

    Types of Sun eSsential Life Insurance Plans

    The following are the different types of plan:

    • Plan 1: This plan pays RM50,000 for death/TPD and RM100,000 for death/TPD caused by the specified infectious diseases.
    • Plan 2: This plan pays RM100,000 for death/TPD and RM200,000 for death/TPD caused by the contagious diseases.
    • Plan 3: This plan pays RM200,000 for death/TPD and RM400,000 for death/TPD caused by the infectious diseases.
    • Plan 4: This plan pays RM300,000 for death/TPD and RM600,000 for death/TPD caused by infectious diseases.
    • Plan 5: This plan pays RM400,000 for death/TPD and RM800,000 is for death/TPD caused by contagious diseases.
    • Plan 6: This plan pays RM500,000 for death/TPD and RM1,000,000 for death/TPD caused by some infectious diseases.

    Benefits of Sun essential Life

    The following are the features and benefits of this plan:

    • You have the liberty to choose from six different types of plan.
    • Provides a coverage of up to RM500,000 for death and TPD.
    • No medical check-up required.
    • You get two times the coverage money if the death/TPD happens due to any contagious disease.
    • The premium paid for this policy lets you enjoy tax exemption.

    Eligibility Criteria

    You can purchase this life insurance policy if you are:

    • A healthy individual.
    • A citizen of Malaysia or a permanent resident.
    • Between 18 to 59 years old.

    Sun eSsential Life for Foreigners

    This policy is for Malaysian citizens and permanent residents of Malaysia.

    Sun eSsential Life Calculator

    You can get a quote by filling up some details like your date of birth, age, gender, height, weight, annual income, annual expenses, and amount of existing insurance. After this, you can choose your plan and fill up the health questionnaire before signing up.

    Sun eSsential Life Insurance Claims

    There are two ways to submit a claim:

    • Online: You can submit your claim through the portal. Just enter your details and attach the necessary supporting documents before submitting.
    • Manual: You can manually go and submit the duly filled in claims submission form along with the necessary documents.

    Sun eSsential Life Insurance Cancellation

    You can cancel the policy within the free-look period i.e., 15 days from the policy delivery. You have to give a written notice to the company within this period and the insurer will refund any premium paid during the tenure.

    If you choose to cancel the policy after 15 days, you will still be covered under the policy till the next premium due date.

    Contact Information

    If you have any queries about the Sun eSsential Life policy, you can contact the Customer Service in the following ways:

    • Customer Service Counter

    Sun Life Malaysia Assurance Berhad (197499-U)

    Sun Life Malaysia Takaful Berhad (689263-M))

    Level 11, 338 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

    50100 Kuala Lumpur


    • Customer Careline at 1300-88-5055
    • Client Charter at https://www.sunlifemalaysia.com/customer-care/client-charter/
    • Email your query/clarification at:[email protected]


    Q. How much time does it take to process my claim?

    A It takes about 9 working days to process a claim upon the receipt of all the necessary documents and the duly filled in claims form.

    Q. Is there any additional fees and charges for this plan? A. No. There are no additional fees and charges for this plan except the premium payment.

    Q. What is the coverage term?

    A. The policy covers you till the age of 80. However, TPD coverage will lapse once you reach 65 years of age.

    Q. How can I pay my premium?

    A. There are multiple channels to pay the premium namely debit card, credit card, online, and any preferred payment mode.

    Q. How many plans can I sign up for at once?

    A. As per the company’s guidelines, each individual can sign up for a single plan.

    Q. Is it compulsory to make a nomination?

    A. It is advised to make a nomination so as to make the claim payment of your nominee faster.

    Make sure that you have read the fine print carefully, including premium payment, major exclusions, additional fees and charges, and other nitty-gritties, before signing up for the policy.

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