• Zurich Senior Gold Insurance Plan

    Zurich SeniorGold is a non-participating whole life plan that provides you support after retirement. The policy covers death and accidental death providing up to 5 times the basic sum assured. The plan is specifically designed for the senior citizens.

    Benefits of Zurich SeniorGold Life Insurance

    The features and benefits of SeniorGold are:

    • You will be insured against death and accidental death.
    • The policy provides up to RM3,000 repatriation benefits.
    • Pay premium as low as RM50 per month.
    • Premiums don’t increase with your age.
    • On maturity, you can receive the basic sum assured as maturity benefit.
    • On accidental death, your loved ones can receive up to 5 times the basic sum assured based on your age at the time of death.
    • You can get the policy without a medical check-up.
    • The policy is renewable up to an age of 100 years.

    Eligibility Criteria

    You can purchase the SeniorGold insurance policy if you are above the age of 18 years. However, the person whose life is to be insured must belong to the age category of 50 years to 80 years.

    Zurich SeniorGold Life Insurance Claims

    To submit your claim, you must visit the official website of Zurich. You have to inform the insurer of the claim you are going to make. You can do this by filling up the Enquiry Form available on the website. You can also notify on the claim to your servicing agent so that the agent passes on this information to the insurer.

    Further, you can find the claim forms and the other necessary documents that have to be submitted along with the claim forms on the website. If the documentation you have provided is incomplete, the insurer will notify you on the same within 14 working days.

    Contact Information

    You can contact the insurer about any queries on the working of the policy using the ‘Contact us’ section provided on the policy page on the official website of Zurich. Also, you can call the number 1-300-888-622 to get further information on the policy.

    How to Cancel Zurich SeniorGold Life Insurance Policy?

    If you want to surrender the policy before maturity, you must notify the insurer on your cancellation request. This can be done with the help of Enquiry Form provided on Zurich’s website.


    Q. In the event of natural death, what is the benefit payable?

    A. In case of natural death within 2 years from the date of policy delivery, you will receive a refund of the total premium paid. If the event occurs after 2 years from the date of policy delivery, you will be eligible to receive the basic sum assured.

    Q. How much repatriation benefit can I expect?

    A. You can get up to RM3,000 as repatriation benefit.

    Q. Do I get any benefits if I surrender my policy before maturity?

    A. Yes. You will receive the cash value of the three policy years when you surrender the policy before maturity.

    Q. Does the premium increase with my age?

    A. No. The premium payable for SeniorGold does not increase with age.

    Enjoy a stress-free life with Zurich SeniorGold plan. Make sure you have read the fine prints thoroughly before signing up for the plan!

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