• Maybank Debit Card

    Maybank offers 9 different kinds of debit cards with varied features and benefits. None of these debit cards charge an annual service fee. You can get a debit card if you are 18 years or above and have savings or current account with Maybank. These debit cards are accepted worldwide.

    List of Maybank Debit Card

    Card Name Key Benefit(s) Annual Fee Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit
    Maybank ASPIRE MasterCard Platinum Debit Card Unlimited ATM withdrawals at RM8 Nil RM2,000; can be extended up to RM10,000
    Maybank ASPIRE Visa Platinum Debit Card Get Platinum privileges Nil RM2,000; can be extended up to RM10,000
    Maybank Visa Debit Picture Card Use the card to withdraw cash locally or overseas Nil RM1,000; can be extended up to RM5,000
    Maybank Visa Debit Card Card has Smart Chip security Nil RM1,000; can be extended up to RM5,000
    Maybank MasterCard Platinum Debit Card Higher and multi-tiered interest rates Nil RM2,000; can be extended up to RM10,000
    Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Debit Earn an interest of 0.10% p.a. extra on the incremental growth of balance in your Premier Account Nil RM1,000; can be extended up to RM10,000
    Maybank Manchester United Visa Debit Card imteen Account available for children aged 12 to 18 years Nil RM1,000; can be extended up to RM5,000
    Maybank Visa Platinum Debit payWave ATM cum debit card with multi-tiered interest rates Nil RM2,000; can be extended up to RM10,000

    Types of Maybank Debit Card

    Maybank offers 9 types of debit cards for its customers:

    • Maybank ASPIRE MasterCard Platinum Debit Card
    • Maybank ASPIRE Visa Platinum Debit Card
    • Maybank Visa Debit Picture Card
    • Maybank Visa Debit
    • Maybank MasterCard Platinum Debit
    • Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Debit
    • Maybank Manchester United Visa Debit
    • Maybank Visa Platinum Debit payWave

    Features & Benefits of Maybank Debit Card

    The major features and benefits offered by Maybank debit cards are:

    • You can shop at millions of outlets across the worldwide.
    • If you are Maybank ASPIRE customer, you can earn TreatsPoints on your purchase.
    • Your debit card can also play the role of an ATM card, both in Malaysia as well as abroad.
    • Select cards have a longer validity period of 7 years after which you are required to renew the card.
    • You can enjoy customer service support 24 hours a day.
    • Visa International provides platinum privileges for Visa cardholders.
    • Daily purchase limit for a few cards is RM1,000 whereas it is RM2,000 for others. Based on the type of debit card, you can set your own purchase limit up to RM10,000.

    Maybank Debit Card Promotions 2018

    • Maybank Visa Debit Card Promotion

      Upon the minimum overseas spend of RM350 in one single receipt, you can get a limited edition ‘Visa Bagpack’. The offer is valid from 1 December 2017 till 28 February 2018. Each card member who has spent a minimum of RM350 out of Malaysia will be eligible for only one entry. Only the first 2,000 eligible card members take entry for the selection of the winner.

    • Giordano Year Long Offer

      You can get 10% off on your purchase at Giordano. If your single bill amount exceeds RM280, you will receive a complimentary core tee. The offer is available in all major outlets except the counters in SOGO, Parkson Holiday Plaza and other temporary clearance locations. You cannot combine this offer with other promotions, discounts, etc. The offer is valid from 1 January 2018 till 31 December 2018.

    Maybank Debit Card Eligibility Criteria & Documents Required

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Some cards mandate that you must possess a Premier Account with Maybank to get the card.
    • Some cards require you to possess a Savings or a Current Account with Maybank.
    • The age of the applicant must be 18 years or above.
    • For imteen Account, your age should be between 12 years and 18 years.
    • Maybank Visa Debit Picture Card requires you to have an existing Visa or MasterCard Debit card to meet the eligibility.

    Documents Required:

    Primary Documents:

    • MyKad ID Card/ Police or Armed Forces ID Card
    • Birth Certificate and MyKid Card, for Minor Accounts
    • Passport, if you are a non-resident Malaysian or a foreigner
    • In case of Picture Card, you have to provide your existing debit card if you want to replace it with Picture Card.
    • Some cards may require a minimum deposit of RM250 for individual, joint and minor account in your Savings/Current Account. If you submit Letter of Employment, the minimum deposit will be reduced to RM50.

    Secondary Documents:

    • Passport
    • Driving License
    • Utility bills
    • Confirmation Letter from educational institution or employer
    • Credit card, if available

    Maybank Debit Card Fees & Charges

    The common fees and charges applicable across the range of debit cards offered by Maybank are:

    • Opening a new account is mostly done free of charges. However, a few cards may charge RM8 for providing unlimited ATM withdrawals.
    • Annual Service fee is not applicable on any card offered.
    • If your card has to be replaced due to fault in the chip, it is done without charges.
    • In case of replacement request for any other reason such as loss or damage, you will have to pay RM12.
    • When it comes to transaction fees, the first four withdrawals are free from charges. Every subsequent withdrawal is charged at RM0.50.
    • You will be charged RM1 for every withdrawal from other Malaysian banks’ ATM.
    • When you withdraw cash from an international banks’ ATM through Cirrus or MasterCard platform, a transaction fee of RM12 is deducted per withdrawal.
    • If you have overdrawn, you will be charged a penalty of RM10.

    Maybank Debit Card Customer Care Information

    To know more about the debit cards offered by Maybank, you can visit the head office located at Kuala Lumpur or talk to the customer care representatives on the number 1300 88 66 88. You can also drop your queries to the email address [email protected].

    In case of any SMS or email fraud noticed, you can report it to the dedicated hotline number +603-5891 4744.


    Q. How can I apply for Maybank MasterCard Platinum Debit card?

    A. You can visit the nearest Maybank branch to apply for the debit card. You have to fill the application form and choose the card you wish to have. You will get the debit card immediately.

    Q. Can I make online transactions with my Maybank Platinum Debit Card?

    A. No. Your debit card will not be pre-activated for online transactions. You have to activate your card by enrolling with Maybankard Secure Online Shopping (MSOS) programme where a PIN will be provided for your card. This can be done on the Maybank website.

    Q. What conditions are applicable to get 0.10% p.a. additional interest on FC Barcelona Visa Debit card?

    A. The conditions are as follows:

    • You have to maintain Average Daily Balance with a minimum of RM10,000 daily.
    • You have to have at least RM2,000 as the monthly incremental growth on your Premier account that is analysed against a fixed periodical baseline.
    • The additional 0.10% p.a. is calculated with respect to the monthly incremental growth sum.
    • The additional interest will added to the Premier account.

    Q. What is the minimum annual income to apply for Maybank Visa Debit Picture Card?

    A. The card does not demand of any specific annual income requirement.

    Q. How can I activate a debit card for overseas use?

    A. You can log into your account on Maybank2u website. Select ‘Card Management’ and then click on ‘Overseas ATM Facility’. Now, you can choose to activate overseas usage of your card by entering the details asked for.

    News About Maybank Debit Cards in Malaysia

    • Maybank to See Increase in Debit Card Transactions

      Maybank is said to witness an increase in its debit card transactions and expects the number of transactions to reach 100 million with the net worth of transactions totalling over RM17 billion, which is an increase of nearly 57% as compared to the previous year.

      According to B Ravintharan, the Head of Cards and Group Community Financial Services, the use of debit cards have increased over the past few years with an average growth of 22% yearly.

      Ravintharan also stated that Maybank has appointed celebrities like Fattah Amin and Nur Fazura Sharifuddin in the hopes of promoting cashless transactions among the youth.

      Maybank recently launched a 3-month debit card usage campaign for its new and existing cardholders wherein debit cardholders can stand to win a holiday package with the brand ambassadors. The campaign is valid until 15 May 2018.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      7 March 2018

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