• GrabCar Or Uber? Which One Is A More Profitable Part-time Job?

    GrabCar Or Uber? Which One Is A More Profitable Part-time Job?

    Did you know that according to a survey conducted by Globalwebindex, about 55% of Malaysians spend more time in traffic congestion compared to what they used to a couple of years ago? The dismal traffic situation has led many Malaysians resort to app-based commuting services like Uber and GrabCar.

    Apart from being a safe and affordable transportation mode, such services can also help you earn a few extra bucks. No, you don’t have to quit your day job to drive for Uber or GrabCar. You can just invest a little bit of your weekly schedule to earn money.

    Driving for Uber or GrabCar?

    grabcar car or uber - which is better

    Let’s first look into the table below to understand the difference in fare and commissions between Uber and GrabCar. Comparisons used are UberX and GrabCar Economy.

    Parameters UberX GrabCar Economy
    Fee/Commission 25% 20% to 25% depending on the programme you choose
    Base Fare 0.95RM RM1.00
    Fare Per KM RM0.70 RM1.30
    Fare Per Minute RM0.30 RM0.00

    Note: (All fares are subjected to flexible pricing based on demand and supply of a certain area or locality).

    Going by the above table, it’s safe to assume that GrabCar can be a more viable option when you are steering passengers through a less-commuted street. However, in Malaysia, the traffic is usually quite high, especially during the peak hours. In such a case, UberX will be a more profitable option than GrabCar.

    So, Uber has an upper hand over GrabCar – having RM0.30 per minute rate gives UberX an added advantage. Uber also increases its usual rate when there’s high demand, especially during the peak hours. You can earn a lot more with Uber while manoeuvring passengers when there’s high demand. But, GrabCar is definitely better when it comes to driving passengers during the non-peak hours because of its higher base fare rate than Uber.

    Driver’s Incentives And Other Bonuses

    You can earn a lot more through incentives. Both Uber and GrabCar offer incentives to their drivers under various programmes. Please note that incentives may change from time to time and to get the latest updates on the same visit the service providers’ websites and blogs.

    Uber Ace Incentive Scheme

    Uber is bringing back its Ace incentive programme for a second-trial run. You can earn up to RM2,040 under this programme. Look into the table below to get a better understanding of how this incentive programme works.

    Tiers Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
    Trips 170 140 110 80 50
    Earnings through Ace RM2,040 RM1,540 RM1,100 RM720 RM400

    Maximum amount top up = 30% of your weekly net earnings

    Here’s an example for better clarity. Suppose you complete 120 trips in a week and earn somewhere around RM1,000, which can be calculated as RM750 in net fares after service fee and RM200 in Boost or Quest incentives. You will be fall under the Gold tier scheme, and Uber will top-up RM150 to your credit. So your net earnings for that week will be RM1,150. You will get RM150 top-up since it is less than 30% of your weekly neat earnings – RM950. You won’t get a top-up if your earnings through net fare is higher than the tier amount.

    Other than Ace, Uber also offers Boost – an incentive where your fare gets multiplied by a certain amount based on the location.

    For GrabCar, weekly earning structure varies from week to week. You need to stay updated with the latest weekly earning tables presented on the GrabCar website. Driving for GrabCar Economy, usually you will get the following benefits:

    • Attractive hourly rates
    • GrabAllStars rewards programme
    • More emphasis on additional earnings
    • Less service fee

    Eligibility Criteria For Drivers

    Parameters UberX GrabCar Economy
    Trip acceptance rate NA 85% and above
    Trip cancellation rate None Maximum 15%
    Driver rating None 4.7 stars and above

    GrabCar has more terms and conditions for incentives than Uber. On the other hand, it’s not easy to earn incentives through Uber. You have to maximise your total earnings to get incentives, which might get a little tedious at times if you have a full-time job.

    Other Factors That Determine Incentives

    Passenger Rating

    At times, you may face passengers who are obnoxiously rude or not cooperative at all. Uber recognises and allows both the passenger and the driver to rate each other. So, in case you find a poor rating for a passenger, you have the option to back out from doing the job.

    GrabCar only allows the passenger to rate the driver.

    Choosing Destinations

    You cannot check or view the destination before accepting a request. This makes it harder to plan out your trips and income. On the other hand, GrabCar allows you to view destination on its app before you accept the request. This makes it a more feasible option as you can plan your trips accordingly. In fact, you can cancel a request in case you find the drop location will adversely affect your earnings.

    Incentives offered by Uber and GrabCar changes from time to time and need to keep yourself updated through their respective websites. Both the services come with their own set of pros and cons, and both allow you earn some money by investing a bit of your time.

    All you need to do is see check which one of the service providers benefits you the most. Try to figure out and analyse the incentive rates and check whether your total earnings are lucrative enough as a part-time job.

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