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A Guide to PTPTN Loans: 10 Things You Need to Know

PTPTN or Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional is a National Higher Education Fund in Malaysia aimed at providing education loans to Malaysian students who are pursuing their studies at local higher education establishments. Through this plan, students can obtain the financing required for full or partial fees of their academic courses and also obtain the financing required to meet the cost of living throughout their course duration.

Guide to PTPTN Loan

Read the pointers given below to know more about the PTPTN loans:

  1. Am I eligible to apply for PTPTN?
  2. You need to fulfil the following criteria:

    • It is available only for Malaysian citizens below age of 45 years during application.
    • You must present your parents/legal guardians as two guarantors for your loan.
    • You should not have any other sponsor while taking the loan.
    • Remaining duration of your study/course should not be less than one year.
    • Before applying for the PTPTN loan scheme, you need to have an SSPN-i savings account.
    • You must have cleared Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with the required credits in any 3 subjects.
    • If you are a community college certificate holder, you must have an offer to pursue a polytechnic diploma and also need to have passed the SPM with CGPA of 3.0 or more. If you are a polytechnic diploma holder, you need to have the offer to pursue first degree studies at public or private HEIs (higher education institutes) while applying for the loan facility.
    • If you are in an HEI or are a polytechnic student applying for the programme, your course needs to have an approval from the Higher Education Department or the Department of Polytechnic Education, respectively.
    • If you are pursuing a private HEI course, your course should have a valid Accreditation Certificate obtained from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).
    • You need to follow the entry requirements set by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).
    • If your qualification is different from the specified criteria, you need to obtain verification documents from the agencies and departments that are mentioned above.
  3. Does PTPTN cover all layers of learning?
  4. Not all educational courses and institutions are eligible for PTPTN loan facility including various pre-university courses. Furthermore, the scheme is provided to students as per their level of courses and types of institutes they are studying at.

    Level of study/courses eligible for PTPTN: Full-time or part-time diploma, distance learning diploma, advanced diploma, distance learning diploma, part-time or full-time first degree course, PJJ first degree, PJJ master, doctoral, professional degree programmes (part-time or full-time), etc.

    HEI category eligible for PTPTN: Public and private HEIs, and polytechnics, public universities, private universities, etc.

    Foundation courses at specific private institutes are also applicable for the programme.

  5. Will PTPTN finance my foreign education or related courses?
  6. PTPTN does not finance foreign education or any other related courses. The loan scheme is applicable only for the universities and courses offered in Malaysia.

  7. What is the loan amount I am entitled to?
  8. The loan amount offered under PTPTN is dependent on your household income and the course and institute that you are opting for. Considering these factors, you will receive a full loan amount, partial amount, or only your tuition fees.

    An estimation of the amount of PTPTN loan offered is given below:

    Educational Institution  Type/Level of Study  Course Obtained in Field Max. Loan Amount Offered Each Year
    Public HEIs, institutions, and polytechnics Full-Time Degree and Diploma Courses Science/Arts/Pharmacy/Dentistry/Medicine Up to RM26,000
    Part-Time/Distance Learning Degree and Diploma Courses Science/Arts/Pharmacy/Dentistry/Medicine Up to RM26,000
    Private HEIs Full-Time Courses Science/Arts Up to 16,500
    Medical and Allied Health Sciences College or University First Degree/Diploma Courses Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmacy Up to 30,000
    UNITAR/OUM/Wawasan Open University/Asia e-University Part-Time First Degree/Diploma Courses Science/Arts Up to RM4,200
  9. How do I apply for a PTPTN loan?
  10. The application process to obtain the PTPTN loan is as follows:

    • Primarily, you need to have an SSPN-i account number to apply for the scheme. Hence, you must open an account in any of the banks which include Maybank, Bank Rakyat, Bank Islam, or Agrobank. The PTPTN number is valid for 6 months from the date of an account opened till the date of registration of your online application.
    • You must have received an offer of admission at one of the eligible HEIs to apply for the facility.
    • Collect all the mandatory documents that you need to submit during your application process.
    • After all the necessary application criteria are met, you can visit the PTPTN’s official website to apply for the loan facility.
    • Fill in your PTPTN number, date, and time while applying for the facility.
    • Give all valid information and submit your application.
  11. When should I apply for PTPTN?
  12. Once your SPM results are out and you want to opt for further education, you can apply for PTPTN loan facility provided you meet the required eligibility criteria. Moreover, you can apply for the loan facility both before and after the university enrolment date. An advantage of applying for the facility before your university enrolment date is that you get the confirmation for your loan facility much before the next batch.

  13. Do I have to pay insurance for PTPTN loan?
  14. While making the repayments for your PTPTN loan, you will have to pay the total amount that is given to you under the scheme. This will include stamp duty charges, other fees and charges, and also the insurance cover charges.

  15. When will the loan be disbursed?
    • For the first instance of disbursal, the amount will be disbursed when the completed loan agreement is received by PTPTN.
    • Loan disbursement for following semesters will be made when PTPTN receives your study report from your respective institution.
    • The loan disbursement is directly made into your (student’s) bank account.
  16. Can I apply for a second loan to finance my education extension?
  17. If you wish to pursue your higher studies, you can apply for another loan under PTPTN. For example, after finishing a diploma course through PTPTN funding, you can apply for another PTPTN loan to support your next level degree course.

    However, you should note that interest on your overdue loan (first PTPTN loan) is still pending in this case, and it will be later added to your total payable sum.

  18. What if I fail to settle my PTPTN loan?
  19. Following actions are taken if you fail to settle your PTPTN loan:

    • You will receive 3 reminder notices after failing to make the repayment.
    • Upon completion of the third (final) notice, you will be issued a Letter of Demand.
    • If you still haven’t made the repayments, as a penalty, you will not be allowed to apply for a passport or renew your existing one.
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