• Civil Servant Personal Loan

    Civil Servant Personal Loans are offered to public servants and employees at government linked companies (GLC). These personal loans are provided at low profit rates and salary is automatically deducted for payment of the loans.

    List of Banks that offer Personal Loan for Government Employees

    The following banks offer Civil Servant/GLC Personal Loan in Malaysia:

    Name of Personal Loan Fixed interest Rate/Profit Rate Max. Loan Amount Min. monthly income Tenure More Info.
    MBSB Personal Financing Mumtaz-i From 3.63% p.a.  RM250,000 RM3,000  Up to 10 years  
    RHB Personal Financing-i for Civil Sector 4.20% to 4.50% p.a RM200,000 RM2,000 10 years  
    Bank Rakyat Personal Financing-i Civil Servant From 4.99% p.a. RM200,000 RM1,000 Up to 10 years  
    MBSB Personal Financing Afdhal-i From 4.40% p.a RM400,000 RM15,000 Up to 10 years  
    KFH Personal Financing-i Government Sector Personal Loan From 4.33% p.a.  RM250,000 RM3,000 10 years  

    Features and Benefits

    The following are the features and benefits of the Civil Servant Personal Loan:

    • You do not need a guarantor for the loan.
    • You can enjoy hassle-free payment option through Biro Angkasa.
    • The financing tenure of the loan is 10 years.
    • The profit rates of the loan varies from fixed or floating.
    • You can enjoy affordable financing options.

    Fees and Charges

    Name of fee Charges
    Stamp duty fee 0.5% of the total financing.
    Late payment fee 1% p.a. of the total outstanding amount.
    Agency fee RM30.00 (6% GST included).

    Eligibility Criteria

    • You should be a Malaysian citizen.
    • The minimum age criteria is 18 years and the maximum age criteria is 60 years at the end of the financing tenure.
    • The minimum fixed monthly income has to be RM1,000 inclusive of any fixed allowances.
    • You should be a public sector employee or selected GLC employee.
    • You should be in service for least three months.

    What documents do I need to prepare for Civil Servant Personal Loan

    You need to produce the following documents when you are applying for Civil Servant Personal Loan:

    • A copy of MyKad.
    • Payslips for the last three consecutive months.
    • Last three months bank statements of salary crediting account.
    • Confirmation letter from your employer/EA form.

    How to Apply for Civil Servant Personal Loan?

    • Visit the nearest branch where the bank staffs will help you.
    • Download and fill up the online application form from the website. The bank representative will contact you with your request.


    Q. What is the brokerage fee for Personal Financing-i that is offered to government servant by RHB Islamic Bank?

    A. The brokerage fee is RM30.00 per application.

    Q. What do I need to do if there are changes to my contact details?

    A. If there are any changes in your contact details, please inform the bank to ensure that all

    The correspondences reach you on time.

    Q. What if I fully settle the financing prior to the agreed settlement period?

    A. The Bank will offer lesser Ibra’ on the remaining unearned profit. The Ibra’ at settlement is calculated by:

    Deferred profit - Early settlement charges - Reduction of Ibra’

    Q. What are some of the major risks that the government employees face?

    A. For government employees or civil servants, the monthly payment is deducted directly from their salary account. For those who want to go for early settlement of the loan, a certain period of processing time is required to stop the deduction from the salary account.

    Hence, you are advised to properly plan your time to make early settlement, failing which it may result in over deduction of the salary account.

    Q. What is the minimum gross salary required to be eligible for BAE Personal Financing-i?

    A. A civil servant must earn at least RM1,500 per month to be eligible for BAE Personal Financing-i. 

    News About Civil Servant Personal Loans

    • Rising Living Standards of Civil Servants

      Civil servants in Malaysia are enjoying a better living standards in recent times. Around 1.6 million civil servants are getting benefits from the annual salary increment and pay hike, and thus, enjoying a higher standard of living that before.

      There has also been a significant rise in the job security of these employees that is resulting into the banks and financial institutions are comfortable issuing loans to these individuals. It has also been noticed that the government is disbursing the salary of civil servants on time every month without fail.

      Civil servants are also expecting twice their annual salary increment this year with an additional increment on July 1. Datuk S. Gopinath, the president of Malaysian Indian Network of Entrepreneurs Association (1MINE), said that the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has done an excellent job in order to safeguard the interest of civil servants in Malaysia.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      02 May 2018

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