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CTOS - Credit Services

You might have heard about CTOS or Credit Tip-Off Service if you have walked into a bank to apply for a loan. It’s an important terminology that every personal applicant should be aware of. Read on to get a clearer picture of what a CTOS score is and the benefits associated with it.

What is CTOS?

CTOS is a company that is approved by the government of Malaysia under the Credit Reporting Agencies Act 2010. The major task of CTOS is to collect information from different banks/financial institutions and then provide a detailed report of the credit history of individuals whenever required.

The report contains your credit history for the past 24 months along with the details of how many times you have been searched by a bank for any prior loan application, trade references, any legal proceedings associated with you, company ownership/partnership/directorship, and some tips on how to improve your CTOS score. Such a report is checked by the banks to know an individual’s trustworthiness in order to provide a credit facility. The credibility is determined by the score provided in the CTOS report.

What is a CTOS Score?

A CTOS score is a 3-digit number that ranges from 300 to 850. The score is an evaluation of your credit risk. Generally, the higher the score, the better is your credibility.

Benefits of a Good CTOS Score

  • Better Chances to Get a Loan: A good CTOS score represents that you have maintained a healthy credit history so far. It builds a good impression towards you in the view of banks/financial institutions. The chances of getting a loan or credit facility will become easier.
  • Higher Loan Amount: Your credit score determines the loan amount you are eligible for. If you have a good CTOS score, the chances of getting approval for a larger loan amount is high.
  • Reduced Loan Approval Time: When your score is above the specified cut-off score of a lender, your loan application will be processed quicker. The lender approves and disburses the loan in minutes when there is no flaw in your report.
  • Lower Interest Rates: You can be lucky enough to get a lower interest rate loans based on your excellence in maintaining a good CTOS score.

Accessing a CTOS Report

Just follow simple steps from the comfort of your home to get your CTOS report.

  1. Sign-up: Just provide the basic details, such as identity card number, email address, and professional details, in the first place. You are also required to upload a copy of your MyKad. Once you verify your mobile number with the TAC code, you are done with signing up with an account.
  2. Get a User ID: After signing up successfully, you have to wait for 3 working hours for CTOS to verify your details. Then, you will receive a User ID via email. You can use the User ID to access your CTOS account on the MyCTOS platform.
  3. Log In and Apply: Just login with your User ID, accept the terms and conditions, and apply for a CTOS report online. You don’t have to pay any charges to get your first CTOS report.

A special email account will be provided to you. This account must be exclusively used for CTOS-related transactions. Also, you can access CTOS reports via a mobile app.

Anatomy of a CTOS Report

Like any other report, the information provided in a CTOS report is organised into a number of sections.

  1. Identity Verification: Your name, identification number, business registration number (if any), and other identity factors will be verified in this section. The section is framed in order to prevent any identity breaches that could be done to cover bankruptcy/illegal transactions.
  2. Internal Group Information: The section contains confidential information meant only for the subscriber’s staff.
  3. Business Interests: Your directorships and shares in different companies and businesses of Malaysia are listed in the section. This comes into consideration if you are a director of a company and own some shares. The section gives a picture of your income and your strength to repay a loan in the future.
  4. Legal Proceedings: The section gives a brief overview of the legal information related to you. The lenders can understand your background and business experience with the information in this section. Lenders are keen about the bankruptcy information and case status, if any, to decide on the providing a loan to you.
  5. Trade Referees: This section contains the business experiences shared by CTOS subscribers who have worked with you on business deals. This is known as Trade References. It is not the information stated by CTOS, but by the subscribers. The subscribers provide their statements directly to the enquirer via email. This section also provides you with an opportunity to share your side of the story if you are involved in any legal case.

Other Credit Report Agencies

CCRIS, Central Credit Reference Information System, is a computerised database system that stores information reported to the Credit Bureau. Any query received from a financial institution will be automatically processed by the system and a credit report will be shared with the enquirer.

CCRIS has received an approval from Bank Negara Malaysia. Two other institutions that have an approval to provide credit reports are Credit Bureau Malaysia Sedan Berhad and RAM Credit Information Sedan Berhad.


You can get a credit report from any of recognised credit report agencies and prepare yourself before you approach a bank for a credit facility. Since you know the perks of having a good credit score, you must build your score up the ladder before you apply for a loan . Good luck in bringing your score up!

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