Cash woes? A personal loan to the rescue!

    Public Bank BAE Personal Financing-i

    Public Bank BAE Personal Financing-i scheme is a facility offered to provide borrowers with the monetary assistance they seek. The scheme is available with flexible tenure options and competitive rates.

    Profit Rate

    The profit rate depends upon the Total Amount Financed by the bank and the chosen tenure of financing.

    Benefits and features

    • The Public Bank BAE Personal Financing-i offers quick approval and disbursal times.
    • The scheme provides an unsecured personal financing to the staff and employees of government agencies.
    • The personal financing scheme works on a fixed rate basis until the maturity of the facility.
    • A minimum personal financing amount of RM5,000 can be acquired through the scheme.
    • A customer can get a maximum personal financing amount of RM150,000 through the scheme.
    • Borrowers can carry out repayments through straight deduction from their salary account through Biro Angkasa.
    • No guarantor or collateral is required.
    • The bank offers rebate to the customers if they settle the dues before the maturity of the loan tenure.

    The rebate will be calculated as per the following formula:

    Ibra at settlement= Deferred profit - Early settlement charges - Reduction of Ibra

    • A guarantor is required if an applicant indicates critical illness on his Health Declaration Form.
    • Takaful coverage is optional with this financing facility.

    Fees and Charges

    Given below are the fees and charges that need to be paid by a customer for the Public Bank BAE Personal Financing-i:

    Fee type Fee details
    Stamp Duty on Asset Sale Agreement Ad valorem (To Value)
    Stamp Duty on the Letter of Offer RM10.00 each (not subject to the GST)
    Insurance (optional) Depends upon age, amount loaned and income
    Early Settlement Fee As per the bank’s discretion
    Late Payment Fee 1% p.a. of the unsettled amount


    Following eligibility criteria are needed to be followed by an applicant:

    • An applicant must be a Malaysian citizen.
    • He/she should be aged minimum 20 years and a maximum of 60 years.
    • He/she should be a permanent employee for at least 3 years with the companies allowed through the scheme.
    • An applicant should earn a minimum of RM1,500 per month including all the fixed allowances.

    What documents are required?

    Following documents are mandatory for an applicant while applying for the personal loan:

    • A copy of the applicant’s NRIC (both front and back sides)
    • Employment Confirmation Letter
    • Salary Slips
    • Other required documents specified by the bank (if any)

    How to apply?

    Offline Application: An applicant can go to the nearest Public Bank branch and apply for the BAE Personal Financing-i scheme. The application form must be filled and submitted along with the supporting documents.

    Online Application: An applicant can access the application form on the official website of the Public Bank. He/she can fill the form on the site and then complete the further procedure and submit the required documents as instructed on the website.


    Q. What is Ta’widh and Gharamah?

    A. While calculating the Compensation Charges, the Combined Rate consists of two elements which are called as Ta’widh and Gharamah. Ta’widh indicates to the sum which needs to be compensated to the Bank based on actual loss happened due to default while gharamah refers to the penalty charged on the defaulter customers over and above the ta’widh.

    Q. Is providing the Health Declaration Form mandatory while acquiring the Public Bank BAE Personal Financing-i?

    A. Every applicant needs to provide a Health Declaration Form while applying for the Public Bank BAE Personal Financing-i. Those who declare illness or inability in the form are requested to present a guarantor while applying for the loan.

    Q. I need a personal financing of RM4,000. Can I get this amount of loan through the scheme?

    A. You can obtain a minimum of RM5,000 through the Public Bank BAE Personal Financing-i scheme.

    Q. How can I get in touch with the Customer Service Department of the bank?

    A. You can reach to the customer care officials by calling on 1 800 22 5555 or you can also send an email on [email protected] and communicate your queries.

    Q. Will the bank inform me before setting off my personal financing dues from my account with the bank?

    A. The bank has the right to set-off the monthly personal loan dues by debiting from your current/saving account maintained with the bank at any time without any prior notice.

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