RHB Personal Financing-i Civil Sector

    RHB Personal Financing-i Civil Sector loan allows you to meet a multitude of expenses. The Personal loan works on the principal of Tawarruq and is offered with competitive fixed rates and flexible tenures allowing for easier repayment.

    Profit Rate

    Loan Amount Profit rate
    Any amount 4.20% to 4.50% p.a.

    Features & Benefits

    • This is a financial product that is compliant with Islamic practices. The money borrowed from this loan can be used for Halal purposes.
    • You will receive a maximum amount of RM200,000 with this loan.
    • The maximum loan duration period is 10 years for this personal loan.
    • This loan is calculated on a flat rate basis. So, fluctuations in the Islamic banking rate will not affect your monthly payments.
    • You can directly deduct the monthly payment from an account of your choice.
    • You do not need a guarantor or collateral to be eligible for the loan.
    • Takaful insurance is mandatory for this loan.
    • There is no lock-in period or early-settlement fee charged by the bank. In case of early settlement you will be eligible for rebate.
    • The minimum loan amount is RM2,000.
    • The minimum loan duration allowed is 2 years.

    Fees and charges

    Fee type Fee details
    Handling and disbursement fee No charge is applicable
    Stamp Duty It will be calculated as per the Stamp Duty Act 1949.
    Early settlement fee No charge
    Advance Payment There is no advance payment necessary

    Eligibility Criteria

    The following are the eligibility requirements for this loan:

    • You must be a Malaysian citizen to be eligible for this personal loan.
    • You need a minimum monthly income of RM2,000 to be eligible.
    • The minimum age at the time of application must be 18 years.
    • The maximum age at the end of loan repayment period cannot be more than 58 years.

    What documents do I need to prepare for RHB Personal Financing-i Civil Sector?

    The following documents are necessary to apply for the loan

    • MyKad Copy(Both front and back)
    • Last 6 months bank statement
    • Confirmation from your employer with date of joining and retirement information
    • Salary deduction approval information
    • Salary slips of last 3 months

    Applying for the RHB Personal Financing-i Civil Sector Personal Loan

    • Applying for the personal loan physically: You can apply for the loan by visiting the nearest RHB branch. You will have to fill up the application form and submit it along with all the necessary supporting documents.
    • Online Application: You can also fill up the form online and submit the form along with the required documents online.


    Q. I am a permanent employee for a private organisation. What is the maximum amount that I can borrow using this loan?

    A. The minimum amount that you can apply for is RM2,000 and the maximum amount that you can get is RM100,000. The maximum amount that you can borrow from the bank is 8x your monthly income or RM100,000 whichever is lesser.

    Q. Do I need a guarantor for this personal loan?

    A. No, you won’t require a guarantor to be eligible for this personal loan. This is an Islamic banking product.

    Q. Can I settle the amount before it matures? What charges do I have to bear in such cases?

    A. The bank will not charge an early settlement fee if you choose to settle early. You will have to provide the bank with one month written notice in-case you choose to settle early.

    Q. Is Takaful coverage compulsory for this personal loan?

    A. No you do not need compulsory Takaful coverage with this personal loan. You are however advised to get the necessary Takaful protection.

    Q. I will be retiring in three years. Can I apply for a ten year duration personal loan? A. No. You will not be eligible to take out a 10-year loan if you will be retiring in three years. Your age cannot exceed 58 years by the end of the loan tenure.

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