Cash woes? A personal loan to the rescue!
  • Top Reasons for Getting A Personal Loan

    The beauty of a personal loan is its versatility. You can use the loan to invest in your business, during emergency, or to finance your education. Since these loans are unsecured, you do not have to present a collateral or a guarantor, in most cases. It is also quite easy and convenient to get a personal loan approved and disbursed.

    Let’s check the topmost reasons to get a personal loan.

    Medical Expenses

    Paying medical expenses can become a burden at critical times. The cost of medical treatment is also rising year by year. At times, even with careful planning, one can find lack of funds for an emergency illness or surgery. Or unexpected events may occur leaving you no room to save money or to strategise. Such situations definitely call for a personal loan to offset medical bills.

    Credit Card Payments

    The interest rates on credit cards are quite high—ranging from 15% p.a. up to 18% p.a. If you miss even one payment, you will incur late payment charges that will add up to your card bill. At times, loss of job or other circumstances may cause one to not afford card payments. At such times, a personal loan is quite beneficial as it can pay off your card bills in full. Moreover, the interest rates on personal loans are quite low when compared to the interest rates on credit cards.

    Home Renovations

    Planning to renovate your home, but short of funds? Take up personal loan to finance the expenses of home refurbishment. A personal loan is quite useful for home renovations where you may have to pay a lump sum to contractors or third-party vendors.


    You may get a new job far from your home. Since, relocating to another city can be an expensive affair, getting a personal loan may help ease the burden a bit. At least, you will have some funds in hand when you move in to your new place. You can easily repay the loan in affordable payments each month.


    Wedding expenses usually do not pan out the way they are calculated. Most of the times, expenses do overshoot the planned budget. In such cases, getting a personal loan for wedding won’t be a bad idea.

    Other Reasons

    The reasons mentioned above are not the only reasons for a taking personal loan. There are other reasons too, such as education expenses and debt consolidation, to name a few.

    However, do keep in mind that whatever your reason may be, repay your loan on time to be free from debt. Do not miss any payments. Settle your loan quickly so that if you have any other reason to take a loan in the future, it would be easy to get it approved and disbursed quickly.

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