Cash woes? A personal loan to the rescue!

    UTAR Loan

    UTAR Loan facility involves an array of personal educational loan schemes for students pursuing different learning programs. The loans are offered by the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) to aspiring students who are looking for financial support for their education and to apprentices who are pursuing curriculums like foundation and undergraduate degree programs.

    Types of UTAR Loan

    There are three different types of UTAR loans offered to the Malaysian citizens.

    UTAR Student Loan:

    Different loans are available under this scheme of personal loans offered by the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. it is available to students who are undertaking foundation or undergraduate degree programs. The loan facility includes 12 different types of loan schemes including, Chang Ming Thien Foundation Student Loan, Lee Foundation Student Loan, Kuok Foundation Student Loan, Y. S. Chong Student Loan, Sunrise Student Loan, and Chuah Wan Seng Student Loan among others. The loan amount provided to a student for each educational year is up to RM15,000 p.a. Moreover, the loan’s continuity to the next year is decided after a review.

    UTAR Student Bridging Loan:

    The UTAR Student Bridging Loan is an interest-free loan scheme offered to students for their short term financial needs. The loan scheme is utilised for paying tuition fees or any other accrued fees for a trimester. It offers 3 different schemes that includes Leong Khai Cheong Student Bridging Loan, Tan Sri Dato’ Kam Woon Wah Student Bridging Loan and Madam Ooi Guat Hua Student Bridging Loan. The amount of loan provided under this scheme is decided by the university as per the funds available.

    UTAR Toh Kim Eng Student Loan:

    The loan is offered to presently enrolled students who are pursuing foundation or undergraduate degree programs for the UTAR-Toh Kim Eng Student Loan Fund. It is an interest-free loan facility with an objective of offering monetary aid to orphans and children of single parents from new villages and rural areas. The amount of loan offered through this scheme is a maximum of RM15,000 p.a. The loan can be continued after a yearly review.

    Features and Benefits of UTAR Loan

    • The UTAR loan offers interest-free loan facility for the students of Malaysia.
    • An applicant can get a loan amount of up to RM15,000 p.a. as a loaned amount.
    • The loan facility can also be reviewed for next year as per the bank’s discretion.
    • Any foundation or under graduation course student can choose from an array of schemes that are offered under the UTAR loan.

    How to apply for UTAR Loan?

    Online application: An applicant needs to download the Student Loan Application Form from the DEAS webpage (Division of Examinations, Awards and Scholarships) at >UTAR Scholarships/ Loans. After filling in all the required details, he/she must attach the mandatory documents and submit the form to the DEAS for further procedure.

    The application process for the UTAR Student Bridging Loan takes place every trimester and the closing date for the loan application is two weeks post the beginning of a new trimester.

    Interest Rates for UTAR Loan

    The UTAR Loan schemes are interest-free loan facilities offered by the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.

    UTAR Loan Eligibility Criteria

    • Nationality criterion: Malaysian citizen
    • The loan is offered to the economically disadvantaged students who are pursuing foundation or undergraduate degree programmes
    • The loan is offered to the students who are not qualified for PTPTN only
    • He/she must be enrolled in foundation or undergraduate degree programme at UTAR and is currently not on any suspension or leave of absence

    Documents Required to Apply for UTAR Loan

    The applicants who are willing to obtain the UTAR loan should submit the following set of mandatory documents:

    • Passport size photo (1 copy)
    • Certified true copy of the identity card (1 copy)
    • Certified true copies of exam results (as applicable)
    • Latest certified drafts of University assessment results (if any)
    • Certified copies of letters, certificates, testimonials of participation or achievement in extracurricular activities (if any)
    • A certified draft of parents’ or guardian’s income tax form
    • Identity card of guarantor/s (if required)
    • Certified draft of current student bill (if applicable)

    Why to choose UTAR Loan?

    The UTAR loan can be a good option if a student needs financial help in course of completing his/her program in Malaysia. It offers an interest-free facility for most of its schemes.

    UTAR Loan Customer Care

    For any queries or doubts related to the UTAR Loan schemes, an applicant can contact the customer representatives on the following hotlines: 605 468 8888 (Kampar Campus) and 603 9086 0288 (Sungai Long Campus).

    UTAR Loan FAQs

    Q. I want to apply for the UTAR Student Loan. For my course, I will need a sum of around RM20,000 for a year. Can I get any additional assistance for my expenses?

    A. The UTAR Student Loan scheme offers maximum amount of RM15,000 for each study year. If you want to know about any additional assistance, you can contact to the university department for the same and get information on other study financing schemes also.

    Q. Can I get the financing for two years in a row?

    A. The loan offered to a student is subject to annual review. Whether to revamp the loan facility for the same student or not is decided after an assessment. You can still apply for the loan facility for the next year. However, the approval will be granted by the university after the review is done.

    Q. Is Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr Teh Hong Piow Student Loan a part of the UTAR Student Loan scheme?

    A. Yes, you can obtain the loan scheme through the UTAR Student Loan facility.

    Q. What is the closing date for the application for submission?

    A. Usually, the form submission is concluded two weeks after the beginning of the new trimester. By then, you will have to complete the whole procedure of submitting the application form along with all necessary documents as asked by the university.

    Q. Where can I write to the Division of Examinations, Awards and Scholarships (DEAS)?

    A. You can write an email to [email protected] for any queries regarding the loan schemes.

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