• Public Bank Debit Card

    Public Bank offers a wide range of debit cards to help meet your individual needs. These debit cards enable you enjoy a host of benefits such as cash withdrawal, online shopping, cash payments etc. You can now completely upgrade yourself to a cashless society and free yourself from the tension of carrying heavy cash.

    Types of Public Bank Debit Cards

    Public Bank offers the following credit cards:

    • PB Visa/MasterCard Lifestyle Debit Card: PB Visa Lifestyle Debit Card and PB Master Card Lifestyle Debit Card constitute a two-in-one debit card. It contains the features of both Visa and Master Cards, and has ATM withdrawal functions. The card is linked to your PB Banking Account. Any expenditure done with this debit card gets directly deducted from your Public Bank Banking Account.
    • PB TARC MasterCard Debit Card: This is another debit card offered by Public Bank that comes with zero annual fee. The card is particularly designed for students, and it is very convenient and easy to handle.
    • PB UTAR MasterCard Debit Card: You get 1 TAR point for every spent you make with this card. It is free from annual fees.
    • PB Visa Electron Debit Card: The card enables you to earn your interest on the credits lying on your account.
    • PB-Petron Visa Debit Card: With this debit card, you can earn 1% cashback on the purchases made at Petron Service Station.

    All the above-mentioned debit cards offered by Public Bank come with a lot of attractive features and benefits. Listed below are the important features and benefits of each Public Bank Debit Card:

    PB Visa/MasterCard Lifestyle Debit Card: Features and Benefits

    • The card can be used for ATM withdrawals.
    • It is accepted for shopping and cash withdrawals throughout the globe.
    • Cash withdrawals can be done at both local as well overseas ATMs. However, cash withdrawals at overseas ATMs will be charged.
    • You can check your transactions online.
    • No supplementary card is issued against this debit card.
    • Get free monthly statement of your transactions.
    • Pay for various goods and services by using direct debit.
    • Having a banking account such as savings /current or basic savings account with Public Bank is mandatory to apply for this card.
    • No monthly finance charges are applicable.
    • No late charges are applicable.
    • The card is accepted at MEPS Member Bank's ATMs as well.
    • Balance enquiry is free.

    PB TARC MasterCard Debit Card: Features and Benefits

    Listed below are main features and benefits of PB TARC MasterCard Debit Card:

    • The card is absolutely free from fees and charges.
    • Get rewards every time you spend with your Public Bank TARC MasterCard Debit Card.
    • Get immediate access to cash. You can use this card to withdraw cash at both Master Card and Cirrus ATMs across the globe.
    • Track your transactions online.
    • Get monthly statements for your purchases.
    • The card charges a card replacement fee of RM 10-00.

    PB UTAR MasterCard Debit Card: Features and Benefits

    You can enjoy the following benefits by using the UTAR MasterCard Debit Card offered by Public Bank:

    • The card membership is completely free.
    • Every time you spend with your Public Bank TARC MasterCard Debit Card, you get 1 TAR point.
    • The card can be used for cash withdrawal at all MasterCard and Cirrus ATMs throughout the globe.
    • You can track your transactions online and get monthly statement.
    • Public Bank charges an amount of RM 10-00 as card replacement fee.
    • Balance enquiry done at non-Public Bank ATM is charged RM 2-12 per enquiry.

    PB Visa Electron Debit Card: Features and Benefits

    The card comes with the following features and benefits:

    • The card is accepted at all Visa accepted outlets across the globe.
    • The card can also be used as ATM card. It is accepted at all Visa or Plus ATMs throughout the world.
    • Earn interest on your monthly credit balance.
    • Get monthly statements.
    • You can opt for a separate account not linked to your current /savings account as a security measure. The, even if you lose your card, your savings will not be affected.
    • Automatic Swap option is available by using which you can transfer fund automatically from your account to your debit when required.
    • The card replacement fees applicable on this card is RM 10-00.
    • Balance enquiry is free when down at Public Bank and MEPS ATMs. However, the bank charges RM2-12, if it is done at Non-MEPS ATMs.

    PB-Petron Visa Debit Card: Features and Benefits

    • Get 1% cashback on purchasing fuel and other purchase at Petron Service Station. The card offers a maximum cash refund of RM30 per month.
    • Get unlimited cash Mega Bonus of 0.5% for retail purchase. It does not apply to transactions done at casinos and petrol stations. It also not applicable on balance transfer, cash advance, government-related payment, payment to charity and utility bills payment etc.
    • No annual fees.
    • The card is accepted globally. You can use it for cash withdrawals at Visa as well as Plus ATMs.
    • Track your transactions online and get monthly statements for the transactions done with your card.
    • For non-Public withdrawal, the card charges RM 10-60 for each successful transactions done within Malaysia and overseas.

    FAQs of Public Bank Debit Cards

    Do I need to pay card replacement fees for my PB Visa/MasterCard Lifestyle Debit Card?

    Yes. You need to pay RM12-00 as card replacement fees.

    What is the annual fee applicable on PB Visa/MasterCard Lifestyle Debit Card?

    You need to pay RM8-48 for generic account. For basic savings account, annual fee is waived.

    What if I close my banking account with Public Bank? Will I my PB Visa/MasterCard Lifestyle Debit Card be operative?

    No. Your card will be cancelled immediately.

    What are the rewards offered by PB TARC MasterCard Debit Card?

    The card offers 1 TAR Point for every RM you spend with this card. These points remain valid for 3 years.

    What if I use my Public Bank PB UTAR MasterCard Debit Card to make overseas withdrawal at non-Public Bank ATMs? Will the bank charge me?

    Yes. The bank would charge you RM10-60 for each successful transaction done at non-public bank ATMs at local and overseas level.

    What is Automatic Swap? How does it help me?

    This is service offered by Public Bank which can be availed with your PB Visa Electron Debit Card. By using this service, you can automatically transfer money from your savings account to your debit card.

    What are the main benefits offered by PB-Petron Visa Debit Card?

    The card offers 1% cashback benefits and unlimited Mega Bonus on retail purchases.

    How do I track the transactions done with my PB-Petron Visa Debit Card?

    You can track them online. Also, the bank sends you a statement for the same.

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