UOB Home Loan

    UOB provides home loan schemes for residential as well as commercial purposes to its customers. The home loan schemes come with flexible financing packages as they are designed to suit the customer’s requirements and financial capacity.

    Interest/Profit Rates

    The interest rate of UOB Home Loan schemes depends upon the current Base Rate (BR). The base Rate of UOB currently stands at 4% p.a. whereas the Base lending rate stands at 6.97% p.a. The rates are effective from 6 February 2018.

    Fees & Charges

    On obtaining a home loan scheme by UOB, a customer has to pay the following fees and charges:

    UOB Home Loan Fees and Charges
      iNTELLIGENT Home Loan Flexi Mortgage
    Processing Fee RM212
    Stamp Duty Charges As per the Stamp Duty Act 1949 (revised in 1989)
    Transaction Fee RM 5.30 per transaction (after 2 transactions in a month) -
    OD Account Annual Maintenance Fee RM127.20
    Late Payment Charges 1% p.a. on unsettled amount (during tenure)
    Commitment Fee Up to 1% (on unutilized overdraft limit)
    Service Fees charged during redemption RM53
    Cancellation Fee (after accepting the letter of offer) RM2,000

    Eligibility Criteria

    Nationality Criterion Malaysian  citizen
    Age Criteria Maximum age: 70 years
    Income Criteria As per the bank’s discretion

    Documents Required

    • Latest 6 months bank statement details
    • Photocopy of the NRIC or Malaysian identity card
    • Latest EA Form, Form B, or Form BE along with a proof of tax payment.
    • EPF statement
    • Sales and Purchase Agreement
    • A copy of Title Deed
    • Latest credit card statements (for 3 months)
    • Latest loan statement details
    • Valuation report
    • For Salaried Employees:
      • Confirmation letter from the employer
      • Latest salary slips (for 3 months)
    • For Self-employed Applicants:
      • Latest bank statements (for 6 months)
      • Profit and Loss statement
      • Business Registration Form A and D or M and A, Borang 9, Form 24 or Form 29

    Read about the different types of UOB Home Loans below:

    Types Of UOB Home Loans

    • iNTELLIGENT Home Loan: The loan scheme is structured to consider all the financial needs of the customer. It also comes with prepayment and redraw facility and the special feature of a payment holiday. Through prepayment holiday, a customer is allowed to skip his/her monthly repayment in case of holidays or any unforeseen emergencies. On such instance, the repayment is deducted from the customer’s redraw facility.
    • Flexi Mortgage: This is a loan facility that can be combined with a customer’s current account so that it can offer more savings on the instalments. Prepayment facility is provided with this scheme and one can also have quick cash access whenever needed through ATMs, cheques or bank withdrawals.


    Features & Benefits

    • The home loan schemes come with long tenure facility of up to 35 years or until the applicant attains 70 years of age.
    • The home loan schemes by UOB come with all-inclusive service packages where a customer can ask the bank to facilitate everything from application submission to loan related documents delivery to the house.
    • A customer can make additional payments or prepayments to decrease the loan tenure and interest on the home. This way, they can also clear the loan and own the property sooner than the allotted date.
    • In iNTELLIGENT Home Loan scheme, a customer can choose to make monthly, fortnightly, weekly or daily repayments on his loaned amount.
    • An applicant can get higher margin of finance of up to 95% on his loan that also includes MRTA (Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance) which is beneficial in case of any adversity such as untimely death, physical disability etc.

    How To Apply

    Offline Application: Customers can visit the nearest UOB branch to apply for the home financing scheme of their choice. The duly-filled application form must be submitted at the branch along with the required supporting documents to carry the process forward.

    Online Application: Applicants can directly get in touch with the bank representatives by filling up an application form on the official website of the bank. Upon successful submission, a bank representative will reach out to the applicant to carry the process forward.

    (Fees and charges are inclusive of 6% GST)


    If customers want to know about the monthly interest amount they have to pay on the financing scheme, or the type of loan they can be qualified for, they can use the Home Loan Calculator available on the bank’s official website. On entering all the required details, customers can get their estimated monthly repayments.

    Contact Number

    For any query about the schemes or the home loan products, a customer can contact the bank representatives at the following hotlines:

    Kuala Lumpur- 6 0326128121

    Penang- 6 042401121

    Johor Bahru- 6 072881121

    Kuching - 6 082287121

    Kota Kinabalu- 6 088477121

    The customer care centre is operative for 24-hours.


    Q. If I decide to settle my home financing in advance, do I have to pay any penalty?

    A. Yes, on early settlement of the home loan, a penalty is charged which could be RM5,000 or the percentage charged by the bank on the amount loaned by a customer, whichever is higher among the two.

    Q. If I want to make my loan payments more often than on a monthly basis, can I do this with the UOB Home Loan schemes?

    A. With UOB iNTELLIGENT Home Loan scheme, you can make the payments as per your convenience. This includes daily, weekly as well as fortnightly.

    Q. Can I avoid the repayments in case of any emergency situation?

    A. Yes, you can avoid making the repayments during festive seasons, in case of emergencies, and other occasions. The payments will be then directly redrawn from your account.

    Q. What action do I need to take if I change my residential or contact details?

    A. On any change in the contact details or the residential address, you need to inform the bank. You can do so by sending an email to bank about the updated information or you can also inform by calling the 24X7 call centre.

    Q. How often can I make repayments on my iNTELLIGENT Home Loan Scheme?

    A. You can choose to make the payments on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

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