UOB Personal Loan Promotion

    UOB Bank offers Personal Loan Interest Rebate Campaign where you can earn cash rebates for your prompt payment of the monthly instalments.

    The table below shows how the cash rebate is calculated with the help of a 3-year term loan repayment behaviour:

    Tenure Monthly Instalment Payment Eligible to Get Cash Rebate Date of Cash Rebate Credit
    Year 1 Prompt Payment Yes The month next to the completion of the first year
    Year 2 Missed an Instalment No N/A
    Year 3 Prompt Payment Yes The month next to the completion of the third year

    Campaign Period

    The campaign has commenced on 1 October 2017 and ends by 31 March 2018.


    You need to fulfil the following requirements to be eligible for the promotion:

    • You can be a Malaysian or a permanent resident of Malaysia.
    • You can be a new or an existing customer of the bank.
    • Your minimum monthly income must be RM2,000.
    • Your age must be not less than 21 years and not more than 55 years.

    Campaign Mechanics

    The bank offers 25% cashback on the total interest paid on your personal loan when you pay all the monthly instalments by the due date throughout your loan tenure.

    General Terms & Conditions

    • The loan must be approved and disbursed by 30 April 2018.
    • You have to apply for a new UOBM Personal Loan within the promotion period.
    • You can get the cash rebate within a month after the 12-months’ cycle of the loan.
    • Your CASA account linked to the loan must be active and in good credit standing at the time of payment of the interest rebate.
    • The decision of the bank is considered to be final regarding any issues with the campaign.
    • UOBM may accept or reject any loan application without providing any reason.
    • The bank cannot be held responsible for the misinterpretation of the facts published by media.

    How to Apply

    You can do one of the following to apply for Personal Loan with UOBM:

    • Click on ‘Apply Now’ button on UOBM’s website.
    • Call the number (6) 03-2783 2369/2370 between Monday and Friday within the working hours of the bank.
    • Visit the bank’s branch during the work hours.


    Q. What is the minimum loan amount I can borrow?

    A. You can borrow a minimum of RM5,000.

    Q. What should I do if the bank fails to disburse the cash rebate to my account?

    A. You can approach the bank if the bank fails to credit the cash rebate to your account. However, this has to be brought to the notice of the bank within 30 days from the end of the repayment.

    Q. How does the bank determine the interest rate?

    A. The bank determines the interest rate for your loan based on your monthly income.

    Monthly Income of Salaried Person Monthly Income of Self-Employed Person Interest Rate (% p.a.)
    RM2,000-RM4,000 RM3,000 11.99
    RM4,000-RM7,000 RM6,000 10.99
    RM7,000 or more RM8,000 or more 9.99

    Q. What is the processing fee applicable for Personal Loan?

    A. You don’t have to pay a processing fee for your personal loan.

    Q. What is the maximum loan tenure offered to repay the loan?

    A. The bank provides a loan tenure of up to 5 years.

    Q. Should I provide a collateral to get the loan?

    A. No. You do not have to provide collateral or a guarantor to get the loan.

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